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Final milling machine

Final milling machine

Final milling machine is a unique, hand-held milling machine for double sided milling of the glued edge band on straight and shaped pieces in one fixing, that is without any further manipulation (turning a work piece).

MINIPROF Final is designed for edge bands from 0.5 to 3 mm thickness.

The milling machine is fitted with two R2 tools thanks to which it is possible to edge band top and bottom parts of the edge without necessity to turn the worked piece.
The milling machine is designed for work pieces with thickness from 10 to 40 mm.

MINIPROF Final is equipped with top quality and tried and tested Protool and Narex drives guaranteeing a long service life.

The hand-held MINIPROF Final milling machine suitably complements our successful products such as the hand-held MINIPROF® Manual edge bander and MINIPROF® PneuFix power clamps.

It is excellently suitable for any cabinetmaker’s shop, but also serves as a practical accessory to our hand-held MINIPROF edge bander during installations carried out outside the shop.
MINIPROF Final and MINIPROF Manual together ensure a faultless outcome of edge banding of straight and shaped pieces under any conditions.

The suction outlet with 45mm in diameter allows the milled material to be sucked into a vacuum cleaner immediately during operation thus leaving the workplace clean and tidy.

A perfect craftsmanship and thoughtful design guarantee to the customer high quality of the worked piece and maximum comfort while working.