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About us

About us

Our company was established in 1988, at the end of a socialistic era, when the government already allowed small businesses to originate. Having only modest means, its founder Jiří Mynař started to run a small cabinetmaker’s shop in his own garage. Step by step the business grew and it was necessary to solve the issue of machinery. Because of a lack of money, the owner took advantage of his knowledge of mechanical engineering and made some woodworking tools himself, including his first edge bander in 1993. It was well done and reliable machine, really built upon experiences in cabinetmaking. The edge bander was equipped with a surface scrapper; it was something that almost no one knew at that time.

Výrobní hala

In 1996, it was decided to introduce the edge bander at Brno Trade Fair. The success was so great that the firm gave up cabinetmaking and started to make edge banders, MINIPROF M100 type, as its full-time activity. Around 3,000 pieces were sold in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland.

Another turning point in the history of our company came in 2003, when the company built its own manufacturing hall meeting all standards of a modern facility.

The year 2005 saw probably the greatest event since foundation of the company, the manufacture of the patented and very successful hand-held edge bander MINIPROF MANUAL. About 10,000 pieces of this product were sold all around the world. Customers know this product also under the brand names SAMSTAG-GOLIATH or ADAMIK-MANUAL. Another new hall was added.

Today, we have a modern development department and new manufacturing technologies allow us to make high-quality products effectively. You can find MINIPROF brand on 3 types of automatic MINIPROF AUTOMATIC edge banding machines, on hand-held MANUAL edge banders, unique double-sided FINAL milling machine, pneumatic PNEUFIX sucker and other products. We constantly develop new products and continuously improve our existing products to satisfy the ever growing range of our customers.