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Edge banding machines Automatic MA 4, MA 5

Miniprof Automatic MA 4

MA4 – upravený panel

Automatic edge banding machine Miniprof Automatic MA 4

MINIPROF Automatic MA 4 is our top series of MINIPROF edge banding machines offering many thoughtful and oftentimes unique solutions that guarantee high quality of edge banded pieces and maximum comfort while working.

A perfect craftsmanship, as well as high-quality and quick service, including consulting, will surely guarantee you a long lasting satisfaction.

Details / Accessories / Outfit / Design of the machine

  • A unique, extremely solid machine construction of steel, cast iron and hydro concrete provides high quality and toughness of the machine.
  • Thanks to its 560 kg of weight, all impacts are eliminated, which guarantees constant accuracy of the machine adjustment and high quality of edge banded pieces.

Miniprof Automatic MA 6

Pull-out extension table

  • It is placed on top quality hardened bars with 40 mm in diameter guaranteeing a long service life.

Miniprof Automatic MA 6

Revolving adjustment of milling aggregates for different band thicknesses

  • A unique and simple method of MINIPROF revolving adjustment reduces the time necessary for readjustment of machine for different band thicknesses to less than 1 minute.
  • Fine tuning enables maximum accuracy of edge banding.

nosič pásky - upravený panel

Storage system of vertical feeding

  • This solution saves space around the machine; the machine can be pushed almost to the wall
  • Up to 4 coils of edge band can be placed into the storage bin at once.

P1020650 copy

Easy-to- use and well-arranged control panel

  • Provides maximum comfort while operating the machine
  • It is possible to switch off individual aggregates (ON/OFF of precision and rough trimming and pre-milling unit).
  • Digital thermometer for reliable monitoring of the correct glue temperature.

Miniprof Automatic MA 6

Wide feeding belt

  • Provides high quality and precise guiding of the edge bended piece.

Miniprof Automatic MA 6

Application unit

  • The patented MINIPROF application unit enables the machine to operate without the necessity of lubrication.
  • Easy regulation of the amount of adhesive to be applied on the piece.
  • Pre-springing of the application unit enables effective application of the correct amount of adhesive to the piece.

Miniprof Automatic MA 6

Contact pressure unit

  • 3-roller pressure zone with copying
  • It includes 2 fixed pressure rollers, 1 copying roller and elevated guiding of the band for its even gluing to the piece.

Miniprof Automatic MA 6

Precision trimming

  • Automated trimming aggregate with possibility of fine tuning of the cut is characterized by high toughness and precision.

Miniprof Automatic MA 6

Height adjustment according to the panel thickness

  • Numerical indicator of the position (height) of the pressure guiding arm provides precise adjustment according to the given thickness of the edge banded piece.

Miniprof Automatic MA 6

High-frequency milling aggregates

  • We use high-quality milling tools with replaceable cutting tips
  • Easy replacement of milling tips
  • Within several seconds you can adjust precise milling of facet of 45° with thin bands or easily and precisely adjust R2 radius with run-out and thus cut 3 mm edges.

Miniprof Automatic MA 6

Driving units of the machine

  • MINIPROF machines are fitted with components of the most renowned world manufacturers (Lenze, Teknomotor, Siemens, Pneumax and the like).

Miniprof Automatic MA 6

Machine suction system

  • The suction system is highly effective because of elaborated sheathing of individual tools and provides very efficient removal of excess milled material
  • The machine stays clean all the time, which significantly increases the labour effectiveness and resulting quality of the edge banded pieces.
  • Sheared off residues of edges are taken into a collecting container at the rear part of the machine and do not pile up in the machine’s interior.
  • Their complicated removal and mess around the machine thus become a thing of the past.

Miniprof Automatic MA 6

Surface scrappers for the finishing touch

  • The functions of upper and bottom surface scrappers are the last, but not least important part of the edge banding process.
  • Scrappers with fine tuning guarantee perfect result.
  • Scrappers are replaceable with possibility of their regrinding and repeated use.

Servicing of MINIPROF machines

  • As a Czech manufacturer of edge banding machines, we care about quick and reliable service
  • Our service team will repair any defect anywhere in Czechia or Slovakia immediately during the first visit!
  • 99 % of all spare parts are available in stock
  • We provide warranty and post-warranty service of all products
  • Own network of sales representatives operating throughout Czechia and Slovakia

Additional accessories

Miniprof Automatic MA 4

Digital counter of consumed tape quantity

  • records the total lenght of consumed tapes
  • records the lenght of consumed tape + option reset
  • for all types Miniprof Automatic (MA 4, MA 5, MA 6)

Miniprof Automatic MA 6

The automatic extraction start-up unit

provides an immediate and automatic start of the extraction unit connected to the edgebander

Lighting of workspace (aggregates)

Technical specifications

Working dimensions of the piece
Thickness of the edge banded piece  mm  10 – 60
Width of the edge banded piece – min  mm  75
Length of the edge banded piece – min  mm  75
Edge dimensions
Edge thickness  mm  0,4 – 3
Band dimensions – veneer  mm 0,4 – 2/40 mm
Band dimensions – ABS, PVC  mm 0,4 – 2/65 mm
Band dimensions – ABS, PVC  mm 3/45 mm
Control panel
Option of switching off individual aggregates yes
Adhesive temperature indicator yes
Gradual manual regulation of the adhesive temperature yes
Length  mm  2300
Depth  mm  750
Height  mm  1300
Height, including the storage bin  mm  1800
Weight  kg  560
Electrical system
Voltage  V  3×400
Total input  kW  2,2
Other specifications
Feeding speed  m/min.  7,5
Pull-out extension table for pieces of different lengths  ano
Minimum air pressure bar  6
Suction branch ø  mm  120
Function of MA 4
Application unit (height 10 – 60 mm) yes
Rough trimming unit yes
3-roller pressure zone with copying yes
Precision trimming yes
Spraying of trimming unit yes
Milling unit with revolver setting yes
Surface scrapper unit yes
CSC system (reinforced concrete structure) yes
Unwinding storage bin of vertical edge yes
Equipment for extra charge
Automatic extraction start-up For extra charge
Digital counter of edge lenght For extra charge
Lighting of workspace (aggregates) For extra charge

* incl. corner rounding and trimming
** 2,650 mm with the band stack