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(Čeština) Olepovačky hran

Automatic MA 7 edgebanding machine with a pre-milling station and corner rounder

Miniprof Automatic MA 7
Miniprof Automatic MA 7

The maximum equipment in the smallest space

The highly compact automatic edgebanding machine AUTOMATIC MA 7 is intended for professional use in small to medium joinery shops

With a length of only 2,300 mm it is among the world’s smallest professional, fully-equipped machines with a pre-milling station, combined trimming and corner rounding unit, and surface and radius scraper planes.

Due to its size it will find its place wherever the emphasis is above all on maximum space saving and quality of edgebanded pieces. Again the philosophy and brand name of MINIPROF is fully confirmed – to produce as compact professional machines as possible, with minimum maintenance and operation requirements.

The MA 7 uses many time-proven technical solutions and components, which successfully operate in the previous types of MINIPROF edgebanding machines worldwide (e.g. M 100/22, 28, 40, M 100 R, MA 4, MA 5, and MA 6). They guarantee a perfect result as well as simple and comprehensible machine use at a definitely best price.

Miniprof Automatic MA 7


  • Fully-equipped machine with a pre-milling station, new combined multifunctional corner rounding and trimming unit, and surface and radius scraper planes with a length of only 2,300 mm (ideal for any shop – maximum space saving)
  • Minimum operating costs due to maximum input power of ONLY 3.3 kilowatts per hour
  • Thanks to the sophisticated extraction system, it is not necessary to buy expensive high-performance dust extraction units – huge savings of associated acquisition costs
  • Top Czech engineering product
  • High quality workmanship: CSC System (a unique, extremely solid machine construction of steel, cast iron, and hydro concrete), precisely machined, cast iron components guarantee maximum rigidity of the machine without vibrations.
  • High quality of edgebanded pieces
  • Best prices of machines directly from the manufacturer
  • Top in-house service facilities, low prices for service and spare parts
  • 100% of spare parts in stock


Machine design

  • The special design of the machine known as CSC System (Concrete – Steel – Construction, i.e. reinforced concrete structure) makes the MINIPROF AUTOMATIC edgebanding machines highly rigid. We guarantee a perfect result every time without the need for continuous fine tuning.

Equipment and function

Miniprof Automatic MA 7

Pre-milling unit

  • A unique design of the pre-milling unit allows the use of only one diamond milling tools. The system developed by Mynař Company is successfully used in all AUTOMATIC MA 6 machines.
  • Rear pneumatic movable downforce reliably prevents chipping and damage to the end of the piece or edge.
  • The milling process results in absolutely clean and precisely prepared contact surface of the piece, which is essential for achieving a perfect result of edgebanding.
  • By using the above technology of the milling unit with one tool we achieve half the cost of operations (grinding, exchange) of tools compared to systems with 2 DIA milling tools.
  • The material removal 0-2 mm
  • The height adjustment of milling unit prolongs its life. Diamond milling tool can be sharpened several times.

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  • The patented Miniprof application unit allows the machine to work with no lubrication required.
  • Easy regulation of the amount of adhesive to be applied onto the piece.
  • Pre-springing of the application unit enables effective application of correct amount of adhesive onto the piece.
  • The possibility of using both low-melt and hot-melt EVA adhesives, including POLYURETHANE (PUR) adhesives
  • MA 6 and MA 7 machines have a removable tray in the standard version, with an option to purchase supplementary ones
  • NEW – removable tray for adhesive with preheating

  • The new system of removable Teflon-coated trays for adhesive for Automatic MA 6 and MA 7 machines enables easy replacement of adhesives in all colours and types according to the customer’s requirements in a quick, safe and efficient manner
  • The system is ideal for custom edgebanding with different decors in a high quality and always with a correct colour of the hot melt adhesive. Replacing trays with adhesives is a matter of several seconds also due to the Teflon finish
  • The heating station permitting preheating of a spare tray to a selected temperature is part of delivery of the spare tray for adhesive. With this system, the adhesive can be ready to use immediately after insertion into the machine

Miniprof Automatic MA 7

Rough trimming

  • For trimming bands up to 3 mm thickness.
  • Rocking-type unit guarantees smooth trimming of the band while the machine is running, which prevents any short-term retention of the piece during trimming operation.

Miniprof Automatic MA 7

Pressing unit

  • 3-roller pressing unit with copying ensures perfect and firm edgebanding of the piece.
  • The unit comprises 2 fixed contact pressure rollers, 1 copying roller and elevated guiding of the band for its even gluing onto the piece.
  • Individual pressure rollers are easily removable for better cleaning.

Miniprof Automatic MA 7
Miniprof Automatic MA 7

Combined multifunctional trimming and corner rounding unit

  • All-new revolutionary system of combined trimming and corner rounding unit allows to precisely mill (trim) the edge or fully round the corner of the piece by the radius part of the milling cutter blade
  • Corner rounding up to a piece height of 60 mm
  • Possibility of setting different combinations of milling the ends of the edge:
    • a) Corner rounding on the front side, plane milling on the rear side of the piece
    • b) Plane milling on the front side, corner rounding of the rear side of the piece
    • c) Front and rear side of the piece – corner rounding R2
    • d) Front and rear side of the piece – plane milling
    • e) Front or rear side of the piece without overlap cutting, while corner rounding or plane milling on the other side

Miniprof Automatic MA 7
Miniprof Automatic MA 7

Milling unit with copying (upper and lower copy milling cutter)

  • Well-proven and precise system of milling unit with a Miniprof revolver setting.
  • Unique and simple Miniprof revolver setting shortens the time needed to reconfigure the milling unit of the machine for different band thickness to not more than 30 seconds.
  • Fine-tuning allows for maximum accuracy in edgebanding and gives the customer an opportunity to choose the optimal appearance and profile of the workpiece.
  • Milling units are mounted on precisely machined cast iron components that guarantee maximum rigidity of the unit and high quality of the milled surface.
  • You can immediately set and mill R2, 45 Deg, and Rovina (Plane) without necessity to exchange the tool

Miniprof Automatic MA 7

Surface scraper plane, including blowing and automatic lubrication with release agent

  • Functioning of upper and lower surface scraper planes is last, but very important link in the process of edgebanding.
  • Scraper planes with fine tuning guarantee a perfect result without the need to manually finish the workpiece.
  • Blades of the surface scraper planes are made of cemented carbide – an extremely hard and wear resistant material with high durability.
  • With automatic lubrication of scraper planes, blades always remain clean and greasy. This ensures their long life and a great result without the need for constant cleaning and removing adhesive residue from the blades.
  • Blades of scraper planes are designed so that if dull, it is possible to simply replace the upper for the bottom and vice versa. This doubles their lifespan. Scraper planes can be repeatedly re-sharpened.
  • The surface scraper plane is a standard equipment of AUTOMATIC MA 7 machine.
  • Spraying the workpiece with the RIEPE nozzle system provides maximum comfort in edgebanding and minimizes the need for additional cleaning of workpieces (more information about the RIEPE system can be found below).

Miniprof Automatic MA 7

Radius – profile scraper plane, incl. blowing with copying in two axes

  • Radius – profile scraper plane is new to Miniprof machines
  • It removes any marks of the milling cutter knives and maximally refines the edge surface
  • Radius scraper plane is a standard equipment of AUTOMATIC MA 7 machine

Miniprof Automatic MA 7

Miniprof Automatic MA 7

Well-arranged touch screen control panel (MINIPROF CONTROL SYSTEM) and its functions

  • For the LCD touch control panel a great emphasis was placed on maintaining simple and clear operation of the machine. Automatic edgebanding machines can be operated even by a person who previously had no experience with similar systems.

Unwinding stack system for vertical or horizontal band guidance

  • Sophisticated system of band stack allows both vertical and horizontal placing of the stack. In the vertical position, up to 3 pieces of edge band can be stacked at one time.
  • The vertical position significantly saves space and the machine may be due to complete frontal operation located very close to the wall when space in the shop is insufficient

Miniprof Automatic MA 7

Pull-out work table

  • It is installed on high-quality hardened rods with ø 40 mm, which guarantee a long life and strong support for large workpieces.

Wide feeding belt

  • Ensures quality and precise guidance of workpieces to be edgebanded.
  • A proven system without the need for additional lubrication.

Components used

  • The Miniprof edgebanders are fitted with top quality components from well-known manufacturers (Lenze, Teknomotor, Riepe, Delta, Pneumax, HiWin and etc.)

Miniprof Automatic MA 7

Extraction system

The system of extraction is very well thought out in a way that will save each customer considerable money compared to the purchase of expensive extraction units for other edgebanding machines with the same equipment, which have two to three times higher number of extraction nozzles. The Miniprof AUTOMATIC MA 7 is extracted by only two, juxtaposed extraction outlets with a diameter of 1 x 120 mm and 1 x 80 mm and so relatively small extraction at a very reasonable price will suffice, which we are happy to recommend and deliver to you.

Additional accessories

Miniprof Automatic MA 7

RIEPE spraying system before pre-milling station for perfectly clean workpiece (highly recommended)

  • State-of-the-art RIEPE system of spray nozzles is used by all major global manufacturers of edgebanding machines. It is located before the pre-milling station.
  • An electronically controlled spraying unit applies a very thin layer of release agent through RIEPE nozzles directly to the top and bottom face of a workpiece. Release agent prevents the surplus adhesive to adhere to its surface and ensures a perfectly clean surface. The need for any final cleaning of the workpiece is significantly minimized, which prevents increase in the production costs.
  • Due to the very economical system of application, RIEPE guarantees a minimum release agent consumption which will not have any adverse effects on the operating costs (1 litre of release agent per up to 5000 metres of a workpiece per one RIEPE nozzle).
  • RIEPE system saves you time and money.


Removable tray with preheating station

  • Purchasing the tray with preheating station is required if the customer does not already have the preheating station


Removable tray without preheating station

  • Serves as an additional (more) spare tray
  • Purchasing the tray is possible if the customer already has the preheating station
  • For inserting the replacement tray with adhesive into the machine it is necessary to preheat the adhesive inside the inserted tray

Miniprof Automatic MA 7

The automatic extraction start-up unit (recommended)

  • Provides an immediate and automatic start of the extraction unit connected to the edgebander
  • Extraction starts automatically after switching on the feed belt of the edgebander, which prevents contamination of equipment due to lacking extraction
  • New feature to the Mynař company

Lighting of workspace (aggregates)

Technical parameters of MINIPROF AUTOMATIC MA 7

Height of a workpiece mm 10 – 60
Minimum length of a workpiece mm 75/100*
Minimum width of a workpiece mm 75
Edgeband thickness ABS, PVC mm 0,4 – 2/65
Edgeband thickness ABS, PVC mm 3/45
Edgeband thickness – veneer mm 0,4 – 2/40
Feeding speed of the conveyor belt m/min. 7,5
Input power kW 3,3
Voltage Volt 3 x 400
Machine weight kg 700
Machine length mm 2300**
Machine width mm 750
Extraction outlet ø mm 1 x 120, 1 x 80
Minimum air pressure bar 7
MA 7 features (standard equipment)
LCD control panel – Miniprof control system YES
Pre-milling station, incl. DIA tool YES
Adhesive application unit (height 10-60 mm) YES
Rough trimming YES
Pressure zone (Pressing unit) YES
Combined multifunctional corner rounding and trimming unit YES
Milling unit with revolver setting YES
Surface scraper planes, incl. spraying and blowing YES
Digital counter of edge lenght YES
Radius – profile scraper plane YES
CSC system (reinforced concrete structure) YES
Equipment for extra charge
Workpiece spraying before pre-milling – RIEPE nozzles For extra charge
Removable tray with preheating station For extra charge
Removable tray without preheating station For extra charge
Automatic extraction start-up For extra charge
Lighting of workspace (aggregates) For extra charge

* incl. corner rounding and trimming
** 2,650 mm with the band stack